We are a grassroots progressive organization that works to elevate the status of Tennessee women by challenging the radical right and by promoting women's political participation - as activists, voters, candidates, and policy makers.


Tennessee Guerilla Women are working to mobilize a very large state-wide internet-based community of politically active women who are committed to achieving the following goals:

  • Equal and full opportunity for all
    regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, marital status, or age.
  • The full range of reproductive choices
    from legal abortion to bearing healthy children.
  • Generous social support
    for the most vulnerable among us, especially poor mothers and children.
  • Monitor and influence legislation
  • Support & elect progressive women candidates (and male progressives)
  • Stage Demonstrations
    designed to make TN women visible and to challenge conservative politics such as sexism, homophobia, racism and classism.
  • Subvert mainstream media
    utilize the Internet to make Tennessee women's voices heard.