''Scripturally, civil unions are an abomination under the sight of God.''

Democratic Rep. Nathan Vaughn


Republican State Senator Jeff Miller

“I'm not scared of folks who have an alternative lifestyle;
I'm not being scared or phobic in one way or another. . .
Homosexuals are not losing anything today.”

''They could come to Tennessee and claim rights.
That's what I'm afraid of.''

Senator Jeff Miller

Sponsor of Civil Union Ban

Sponsor of Gay Marriage Ban

''I have a very loving relationship with my brother, but
it's not one of acceptance of his lifestyle.''

Jeff Miller, speaking of his gay brother

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Republican State Rep. Chris Clem
Lookout Mountain

Sponsor of Civil Union Ban

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email him: Chris Clem




Republican Rep. Bill Dunn

Sponsor of Gay Marriage Ban

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In 2005, TN lawmakers passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriage. The measure will be on the ballot in 2006, unless the ACLU succeeds in stopping it.

State Reps. Beverly Marrero (D-Memphis), Tommie Brown (D-Chattanooga), Larry Turner (D-Memphis) and the Tennessee Equality Project have joined with the ACLU-TN in the lawsuit aimed at stopping the recently passed Hate Amendment from appearing on the ballot in 2006.


Contact your Representatives and urge them
to stop discriminating against Tennesseans
and start solving some of Tennessee’s
many problems, for a change.